simpleSwitch energy management system

simpleSwitch energy management system

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Share The Power

The simpleSwitch is a cost-effective load management device that automatically manages the power to enable the addition of an EV charger or other high power device to a home with a full circuit panel or where the additional load would exceed the load calculations—no need for a panel upgrade or sub-panel in order to add Type2 EVSE charging.

The simpleSwitch can share with a single high power appliance (i.e., oven) or share a receptacle in the garage with the whole home allowing high rise/multi-family units to add charging capability to parking spots. No need to add expensive charging stations or dedicated spots to charge. No disruptions to tenants' power and each tenants are responsible for their own energy costs and installation. (additional purchase of CTs required). 

Our unit allows sharing between 240 - 240, 120 - 120, or 240 - 120. Choose to share between two appliances or can be "daisy-chained" for multiple appliance shares or share between the whole home and a receptacle or single appliance and a receptacle. 

The simpleSwitch is UL approved (UL E510161) as a power management device.

Use this device as a type 2 EVSE Charger*.  Charging capability along with single appliance or whole-home power share with a 25ft cable and J1772 connector. May also be used to power share between EV's.

*UL approval is pending but can be used if no inspection is required. 


Technical Specification Sheet

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