40-amp simpleSwitch energy management device

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Introducing, made in America, simpleSwitch Energy Management System 40-amp: the ultimate solution for smart power sharing in your home. Designed with versatility and affordability in mind, this innovative system empowers users to effortlessly distribute power where it's needed most without the need to upgrade service or circuit panel. Load calculations do not change!

With simpleSwitch, you can easily share the circuit between two appliances or extend it to the entire home by adding current transformers. Split core current transformers accurately monitor the main circuit breaker, ensuring that added loads remain operational when power usage is below 80%.

There's only one unit to stock, configurable in-field for panels ranging from 50-amp to 200-amp. Choose between sharing between two receptacles or utilizing the whole-home share option to suit your needs. *customizable for larger panels by request*

Perfect for single-family homes or multi-family residences, the simpleSwitch system offers unparalleled flexibility. Please note that split core CTs are sold separately and flexible rope CTs are not compatible.

With a charging rate of 32-amps, the simpleSwitch Energy Management System 40-amp is ideal for powering electric vehicle chargers and other high-power appliances.

Rest assured, the simpleSwitch is UL-approved (UL E510161) as a power management device, ensuring safety and reliability.

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