HOW DOES simpleSwitch WORK?


Add a New Appliance With no Panel Space

“I have an AC unit that cools only. I wanted to add a 10,000 watt heater with no panel space. I either had to spend near $9,000 for a new heat pump unit with cooling and heating or put in a new panel and new service which was costly. I found simpleSwitch uses the existing breaker space, and gives the electrical need to the product that needs the power. It only took a few hours to install.”


Save Money on Electrical

“When I learned of the benefits of the simpleSwitch I saw clear benefits to add capability when the circuit panel is full. For me it looked like a solution without a problem as my panel has plenty open space for additional circuits. When I decided to install a washer and dryer in the master suite, the math showed the simpleSwitch was a much more cost effective option than opening walls and repairing sheet rock. When the total cost of renovation and materials was added up, I had saved thousands of dollars. Being able to place the simpleSwitch close to the source rather than at the panel really saved me a lot of work and expense.”


EV Charging Station for Duplexes 

“I have a duplex in Salem with an underground feed. It is very difficult to add more power from the utility. I was planning to add chargers but the cost and disruption of power and tearing up my lawn to add more power was too expensive. Instead, we added a charger by sharing with the existing range circuits in both units. Both of them installed in one day without shutting off the power to either unit. The tenants were pleased with the results. I was pleased with the cost”


"The Simple Switch line has provided our electrical company a reliable, easy to use option for a plethora of jobs that normally would not be possible. This safe load sharing device allows us to share off existing circuits from dryers to existing EV chargers, and connect to secondary EV chargers or even spa circuits. Many of our projects would have been possible but very complicated and NOT entirely reliable long term without the Simple Switch product. The staff behind the Simple Switch is amazing as well. They work with us to determine which option to use, build to order if needed, and reliably meet shipping needs. I readily give my recommendation to this product to those looking for load share options. We will continue to ONLY use the Simple Switch in all of our load sharing projects."