Meet simpleSwitch 240

A Simple Solution For Expanding Home Power For New Appliances & EV Charging Needs

Simple Switch 240
  • Easy Install

    Quickly wire in next to your home's electrical panel or another high power outlet

  • Auto Switching

    Power senses when primary appliance is not in use and switches power to an outlet of your choice

  • Priority Power

    Easily configure the primary & secondary appliances

  • UL Certified

    Safety Certified by Underwriters Laboratory

simpleSwitch In Action

Share The Power!

The simpleSwitch is a non-concurrent load sharing device that can be used in homes, businesses and high-rise buildings. simpleSwitch smartly switches power between two appliances. When the Primary Appliance is not in use, the Secondary Appliance recieves power.

Which one do you need?

Simple and reliable power management. Start sharing the power today.



I own a drive thru espresso stand with additional inside seating in Washington State. I had bought the property a few years ago. The building I converted to an espresso stand had breaker panels that were completely full.  Previous to me purchasing the commercial property, the building had never been used in the past during winter months. In eastern Washington ,we get the extreme temperatures, where temps go from low teens to over a hundred degrees depending on season . I have very high quality Mitsubishi AC unit that cools only. So my dilemma was how to add a 10,000 watt heater with no panel space. I either had to spend near 9,000 for a new heat pump unit with Cooling and Heating or put in a new panel and new service with was ridiculously costly. I came across a new product that uses one breaker space, the existing Mitsubishi breaker space, and gives the electrical need to the product that needs the power. It was so simple but I never heard of it. It was about a 1000 dollars and only took a few hours to install. It has been working without failure for three months 24/7.  Another bonus is it flips power automatically from Mitsubishi Cooling unit to Heater automatically when  thermostat settings have a few degree spread. I can see many applications where savings would be incredible instead of total retrofits. We are going have them installed in our Cannabis Grow Operation in our flower rooms for a similar issue.  Lake Chelan Marina Coffee Owner, Erik Ask

When I learned of the benefits of the simpleSwitch I saw clear benefits to add capability when the circuit panel is full. For me it looked like a solution without a problem as my panel has plenty open space for additional circuits.  When I decided to install a washer and dryer in the master suite, the math showed the simpleSwitch was a much more cost effective option than opening walls and repairing sheet rock. The panel was over 80 feet and two floors away from the new dryer location, but the main house dryer was only 16 feet away and the wall was already open to do the plumbing work! When the total cost of renovation and materials was added up, I had saved thousands of dollars and mess throughout the house. Being able to place the simpleSwitch close to the source rather than at the panel really saved me a lot of work and expense.