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Is Simple Switch Safe for Outdoor Install?

The Simple Switch is safe for outdoor use. Go ahead, install it in your carport next to your new EV and share the power today. Watch Simple Switch Dave do a dunk test of the Simple Switch enclosure demonstrating how it is water tight. 


Have questions on how or where you should install it? Reach out.

How To Use Existing Home Power To Charge Your EV

How To Use Existing Home Power To Charge Your EV
Simple Switch smartly switches power between two appliances. When the Primary Appliance is not in use, the Secondary Appliance receives power. No wi-fi, apps, or extra power required. It is Simple. Simple Switch.

How To Install The Simple Switch

Simple Switch is an eco-friendly load sharing device that can be used in homes, buildings and high rises. The Simple Switch allows you to share power between two appliances and avoid costly power panel upgrades.

Watch the video and learn how easy it is to install the Simple Switch.


Curious if the Simple Switch could work for you? Contact us here and we will provide a free install evaluation.